She was just BORN green…

“Remember how when we were kids and watched ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and we all thought the witch was so mean? Remember? And she wasn’t mean at all. She was just BORN green.”

How could I possibly love the pest control lady anymore than I already do? The bug man of at our previous apartment was brilliant in his storytelling but the pest control lady (as she calls herself) knocks it out of the park too.

She loves the musical WICKED and is thrilled it’s coming back to Birmingham where she’ll be seeing it for a third time.

She also loves our dog, Olive, and lavishes her with attention.

Last week she said, “My other customer. Her dog’s rotten too. Just rotten. Rolls on his back when I come. Rotten. Like this baby here. You know I think the only thing I love as much as WICKED is ‘Cirque de Soleil.’ My husband didn’t a care thing about seeing it – not a thing  when I first found out about it ten years ago. I had to drag him. Now he won’t miss it. Not for nothing. He’ll call up and say, ‘It’s coming to Atlanta. Better get tickets.’ But Cirque de Soleil is best in a tent in my opinion. That’s best show.  They even have a ‘Cirque de Soleil’ about insects, which, you know, is my business! I love it so much. And it’s not cheap but you can’t really get a bad seat. Have you seen Wicked? Have you been to Cirque de Soleil?”

We talk about Elphaba and Wicked some more and Cirque de Soleil. And she repeats – “It’s just funny. We all thought she was so mean, but she was just born green is all.”




Born green…

rotten olive.JPGRotten… 🙂


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