Sunflower Girl

Lucy's sunflower.jpg

Sunflower Girl

Happy Birthday, Lucy xo

This is Lucy’s sunflower painting. It hangs above my bed in Alabama. I want to take it to Shan’s wife and have her frame it. The day looms before me with classes to teach and a binder to take to Norah at school, but I want to harness some Lucy words on her 26th Birthday.

This is a Lucy list – A List of Lucy 🙂

An edible baby – we passed her around the garden and kissed her belly, neck, toes, thighs. She was edible.

A golden chunk.

Always in the garden, this girl, watering, planting, playing, digging, making mud-pies, rolling in mud – Kiffen squirted the kids clean with the water hose after a complete mud full body dunk and oh the shivery yelps.

Trying to make Elvis donuts from the “Are You Hungry Tonight?” cookbook – they were so bad we threw like bombs off the back porch.

Making cookies and using rock salt instead of salt as we had no salt in the house – and the grimaces on faces as they took a bite. We threw those cookies away too.

Then Lucy perfected chocolate chip cookies.

So much beauty makes up Lucy.







Going to see Loretta Lynn in Orange County when Lucy was ten years old on September 10th, 2001. She watched from the balcony stretched under a table, chin in hands after many viewings of “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”

Purple hair in fifth grade







Parks & Rec

Radio Lab

Writing and Illustrating Picture Books

A wrenching Anton Day last June that’s too soon to write about but Lucy was my warrior beside me all the way.

A garage art studio

John Marshall

Sarah Lawrence

Catalina Island in fifth grade



The knee

The wisdom teeth

The lamb stew for “The Hours” watching the Oscars so we could mimic Virginia Woolf menu

Chicago, the musical – and now Chicago – and you and Trent!

Hillary’s Plays 🙂 and Quasimodo

Emily, the cat

Sharing a room with Flannery for almost eight years.


But here is a funny Lucy memory.

Kiffen was gathering soil to build raised beds for a woman’s garden in Glendale. We went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery with the kids where dirt was free for the taking. He shoveled it onto the back of the truck. Or maybe a truck dumped it onto his truck that he’d borrowed. It was a mountain of dirt to gather on a hot Los Angeles afternoon. The kids played hide and seek behind the headstones, racing around the peacocks that ambled about the cemetery.

Lucy tightrope-walked a steep curb and I called out, “Be careful, Lucy!”

An irritated look crossed her face.

Lucy had no patience for unnecessary reminders and replied, “HEY!!!!! Am I two or am I four?”

She was four. She had it under control.


Happy Birthday beautiful Lucy.


And a poem from Eppie on her sixteenth birthday 🙂

Lucy with the golden curls

Sixteen years of magic growth

Crystal eyes of green meadows

And blue hubcaps

Titian beauty beyond

And beyond yonder

Laughter and quiet


You are an angel

In a remarkable world

Blessed with loving family

Adoring friends

Enjoy your party for it will bring you even more sparkly energy and fuzzy bear luck for at least the rest of high school!!!!!!


eppie, ergun, ellis kaan, and emily



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